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Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking a Party

To guarantee a date, time and character’s availability, we require a 50% deposit. Final balance must be paid online at least 48 hours prior to the party or in cash the day of the party. We do not accept checks or money orders as payment for services. 

If you decide to cut the party short for any reason after the performer has arrived, no refund will be given.

Cancellations & Refunds

Deposits are non-refundable. Your remaining balance may be refunded if a party is cancelled or the duration has been changed at least 7 days prior to your event. If a party must be rescheduled, we can work with you to find an alternative date and time for your party. If a party must be cancelled and rescheduled due to weather this must be decided at least 24 hours before the party. 

Your deposit may then be used to reschedule to a date and time we have available. If a party is cancelled less than 24 hours before the party only 50% of the deposit may be put towards your rescheduled party. 


While it is extremely unlikely, Glow Princess Co. reserves the right to cancel any appearance due to serious or contagious illness, injury, or family emergency of the performer. In this situation we would provide a full refund and a coupon for your next party.


In the case that you or any household member of the guest of honor tests positive for Covid-19 at any date or time within 2 weeks prior to the party, we request that you report this to us for the safety of our performers and other clients. Our performers do temperature and symptom checks before every event to ensure safety of guests. If a performer is feeling ill, we will do our best to replace that performer, or reschedule the event.


We ask that all guests have no symptoms and have had no positive Covid test within the last 2 weeks. Performers can be masked if client requests, or if performer prefers to. Please let us know if you would like our performer(s) to be masked.


We will reschedule any and all events due to Covid concerns with no additional fees or charges. Please alert us to any concerns of Covid exposure; As the safety of our guests and performers is our highest priority, we will work with you to find a date and time to reschedule your event that works for you!



We take pride in keeping the magic alive from the start of a party to the final second. In order for the performer(s) to stay completely in character, we require at least one adult to be present in the room at all times where the character and children are for the entire duration of the party. Though the princess will lead activities, engage with the children and try to redirect negative behaviors, our performer(s) will not discipline guests. 


A parent or host must be responsible for monitoring and taking care of any behavioral or health issue that a guest may have. Our performers are entertainers, not babysitters, and are not responsible for children’s behavior. Inappropriate comments or actions from guests of any age to our performers will not be tolerated. This includes both physical and verbal situations. The performer may leave the premises in extreme situations.


We want everyone to feel safe at our parties and events and that includes our performers. If our performer feels unsafe for any reason due to a guest’s behavior, they will be required to leave immediately, and no refund will be provided. 




We serve Bedford, NH and all surrounding areas. We will travel up to 3 hours for an event, however we do charge $0.80 per mile of travel outside of the 20-mile radius of our home office in Bedford, NH. These fees will be calculated and added on to your total event balance upon booking.

Outdoor Events

Due to the high quality of our costumes and wigs, our princesses may not entertain outdoors if it is muddy, raining, snowing, or in any temperature more than 80 degrees or below 40 degrees F.

Our wigs & costumes are much hotter than most may realize, and can cause a performer extreme discomfort, impede their performance and in a worst-case scenario, even pass out. 


For outdoor events on warmer days, we ask that you provide a covered or shaded area for our performer’s activities. Please also provide areas that are not dirty, wet, or otherwise detrimental to the performer’s costume.


We ask that you have an indoor space available in case the weather turns bad. The performer will refuse to walk through, stand, or sit in an area she sees is muddy, sandy, wet, etc. The performer(s) reserves the right to leave the party if asked or forced to perform outdoors during temperatures higher than 80 degrees, or in rain/mud.


Should a performer leave at any time during the party due to safety concerns, no refund will be provided. Additionally, a $50 inconvenience fee will also be charged to the card used to book should you violate this policy at any point during the party. 


Occasionally our assistants will take photos during an event that we then send to the parent to have for their own purposes. We also use these photos for promotional purposes. These photos will not identify the name, age or residence of any child present. If there is a child in attendance that cannot have their photo used for promotional purposes, please inform us prior to the party or event! 


There are unlimited photo opportunities during any and all birthday parties, but we ask that you please not use flash photography as it can be dangerous to our performers.



While we ask for choice of preferred party activities while booking, we do not guarantee that any activity will be completed. (This excludes "Extra" activities which come at an extra cost.) We try to make our parties as enjoyable as possible for those in attendance. Our Princesses are trained to host the most magical party possible. If they do not think an activity will work with the guests or see that guests are not enjoying a chosen activity the Performer has the right to entertain as they see fit. If there are any activities that you would like to be led no matter what please inform us prior to the party. 


Other Entertainment

Please let us know if there will be other entertainment (DJ, Bouncy House, Face-painter, etc.) at your event while booking! This way our performers can be prepared to work with these entertainers to create the best experience possible! Character Integrity and Proper Representation are extremely important to us and so we require that no other character entertainment is present at any party or event we are performing at.


It is not the intention of Glow Princess Co. to violate any copyright or trademark laws, nor are we affiliated with any copyrighted entities. Our characters are based on well-known fairytales and storybook characters in the public domain. Any resemblance to copyrighted material is strictly coincidental. By booking a party or attending an event with us, you acknowledge that we do not represent any licensed characters.


Tips are not included in the price of your party. While they are not required, they are greatly appreciated! If you are pleased with your character, feel free to tip them! 

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